There is a difference between doing a job and doing it right. M2 fabrication and repair has followed a rigorous commitment to doing things the right way.  This mission is evident today in M2 Fabrication and repair’s commitment to high quality fabrication, products, and customer service.   



 M2 Fabrication and Repair  offers complete turnkey fabrication services



 M2 Fabrication and Repair simplifies the entire fabrication and installation process for its customers.  They ensure accurate, on-time delivery to virtually any location.

By teaming up with M2 fabrication and Repair, together we can tackle from the smallest project to the largest-scale endeavor, its one partnership that gets the job done.


Because we are a small, family-owned business, we understand service. Your project will not get lost in the shuffle. We take care of each and every project we do for our customers personally.

  We offer unparalleled design services to the industry. But we also know that in many ways, no project is truly begun until the steel is cut. Fortunately, M2 Fabrication and Repair offers complete equipment fabrication services to turn your ideas into reality.  We can build virtually any piece of equipment to satisfy any process demand.